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Less frequent water change = less pearling

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<BR><BR>Hello everyone.

I'll start by saying that I know that pearling (or its absence) should not be the only yardstick used for deciding whether a planted tank is doing well or not. With that in mind, I have noticed that when I do fortnightly water changes as opposed to weekly, there is much less pearling toward the end of water change cycle. I was wondering why that might be as everything in the tank including EI dosing, lighting, co2 injection rate, feeding and pruning remains the same. The plants still seem to be doing well and I'm not having algae or other issues...

I have a couple of guesses as to what it could be but I'm probably wrong

1. My tap water has something in it which the plants like and it runs out in approximately a week

2. The plants don't like the build up of fertz from the EI regime

The tank is 4x1.5x1.5, it has 2x50w and 1x30w LED floods, injected co2 with a reactor, medium bio load, some dino dung for stem plants and EI dosing with dry macros and Flourish Complete for micros.

Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated!



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