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Interest Pure Strain Guppy Pairs

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Price: Between $10-$20 pair

Size: Unknown

Quantity: Min but 1 pair

Sex: Unknown

Suburb/Town: Caboolture

<BR><BR>if I successfully breed these types of pure strain

Guppies would there be any interest?

*Emerald Blue Grass Guppy Pairs

*Dark Blue Moscow Guppy Pairs

*White Fin Blue Moscow Guppy pairs

*Japan Albino Blue Guppy Pairs (Red Tail)

*Pink Albino Guppy Pairs

*Platinum Red Tail Guppy Pairs

*Red Lace Guppy Pairs

*Red Albino Moscow Guppy Pairs

*panda Guppy Pairs

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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