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Co2 help

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Hi there not sure if this is the right place for it but here goes ive recently started a 3foot planted rcs tank and am try to get hc to grow and think the co2 is the problem.

So I bought the ista begginers kit and an inline reactor and not wanting to waste the co2 I just give it a squirt once a day and fill the reactor.

Frustrated by my lack of success today I bought the ista co2 indicator and installed only to find a nice blue color I sat n pumped the co2 up to as much as the reactor would take without filling completely with air. Still nice and blue.

Not sure if im using indicator incorrectly or the pump returns to a spreader bar that trickles down wall ( maybe losing it there?)

Any input is appreciated

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The co2 indicator will take a few hours to change color and even then it's a bit hit and miss with them.

How long does it take the co2 in the reactor to become completely dissolved (I'm assuming that it's not being spat out as bubbles into the tank)? Personally I would try to keep the co2 on constantly while the lights are on. For a 3 ft tank you are going to spend a lot of money of refils, it might be worth looking at a decent injected system with a solenoid. It'll work out much cheaper in the long run, will be easier to set to correct bubble rate and will require less fiddling overall.

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return needs to be under the water surface, i'd say you would loose most of the co2 if you have a spray bar above water level, you will need to run co2 at 2-3 bps for a few hours before the indicator will change colour, best to run co2 on solaniod that turns on and off with the lights, you could also dose easy-carbo liquid to help bring up the co2 level, HC requires HIGH light, what is tank depth and what light are you using???


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You can get away with high lighting and liquid co2 like flourish excel but it grows very slow, as for your basic kit it sounds like you have the co2 can with the small plastic chamber that you fill with co2 an let disperse slowly into the water I'm guessing??? If so I'd recommend upgrading to pressurised co2 with a diffuser hc loves lots of co2, and don't forget ferts...

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