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how to catch holding female in a display tank?

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lol,, good luck....

ok, i ususally open all the lids and leave em off, turn off all the lights and leave a light on in an ajacent room if ya can (so you can see what you doin) , leave it for an hour or so, then slowly move in and use two nets to get her while shes all relaxed.

this doesnt always work but, sometimes they are just too wary of ya.

failing that i use a big egg crate panel to corner her in the end of the tank, then net her.( bit more stress involved)

if you are lucky she wont spit in the net

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I have seen a few trap designs somewhere on the net & in books.

What I usually do is take down 1/2-1/3 tank. I take out a third of the water, {water change}

Use a small net to herd the fish I want down to the open end. I use 2 small nets to herd.

Then I grab a big 18" net. That is one hand, small net in the other. Easy then.

Frenchy :D

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