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Need Some Guidance

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Hi All,

I am converting my 6x2 saltwater tank to a planted community tank and just wanted some ideas on the best way to get started;

Using the DIY substrate listed on here shouod i fill the tank straight away and start it cycling or wait until i have plants and fill after its planted or does it not matter?

I am planning on using the DIY substrate recommended on this forum, i am just a bit unsure about how to build up certain areas of the tank, i would like the ground to undulate sort of higher in the middle of the tank. Do i just add a bunch of river pebble under the substrate layers to achieve this?

The tank is viewable from both sides so i need my scape to work visually from both angles.

Equipment wise, obviously my skimmer will be gone but im going to keep my chiller hooked up just for the really hot months. I have some marinepure spheres and some denitrate in a reactor that i was going to leave running after conversion, i assume this should be fine once all the salt has been rinsed out. Is there a must have media that will work well in a sump for a planted tank? I was not planning on starting with Co2 but i will definately add it down the track.

Any suggestions would be great.


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