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shrimp driftwood bristlenose L catfish babies

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Condition: New

Price: 25

Willing To Ship: Yes

location: wanneroo

$25 each. Driftwood only! photo with plant just sample to show how it can be use for mosses and other type of plant

postage $15 reg auspost. remain same up to 3pcs.

shape and size may vary. will send photo prior shipment.

Great for aquarium decorations.

100% Organic. Cleaned, treated.

Perfect for mounting plants on or your favorite moss.

Hideouts for your shrimps or fishes.

It attracts a lot of shrimps and grows a very good amount of bacteria and microfauna. wood will float until saturated, then sink to the bottom of your tank.

can use for baby shrimp, bristlenose, catfish, terrarium, reptiles, birds, chinchillas,parrots, crabs, rabbits, hamsters to chew on or any other little animals.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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