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6x 6ft tank system

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Condition: UsedPrice: 250Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Wavell heightsCondition: UsedPrice: $250.00Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Wavell Heights

Hey guys,

Got an old breeding system up for sale.

Tanks - 6x 1800Lx600wx380H Most with 2 larger divisions and one smaller. No Lids. some come with gravel some dont. tanks are in fair condition, for a budget breeding set up, they are functional and do the job. Some tanks could do with extra strengthening as we cut divisions out to make larger tanks.

Plumbing - Holes in the back for drains and holes in the base for auto draining to make water changing easy. Return line is with 13mm Ball valves, most tanks have strainers. Plumbing will need to be cut for transportation but can re rejoined with 20mm couplings.

Stands: Stands are Steel with black powder coating. There is substantial rust however still strong enough to support the system full. i would recommend going to the effort of sandblasting and treating while the tanks are off. the top shelf of the stand has been cut down to fit in the space given. Each stands still holds 3 tanks each.

There are two of these systems available and have been plumbed in together, purchasing only one will require very slight plumbing modifications. The other side has two 1800x 450w x 200h grow out tanks on the top shelves and similar tank configurations to the other side below.

For someone who has some spare time, and with a little work, the system can come up fairly nice and functional again. But was an old system we used just for holding fish etc, and could better use the space. Extra tanks will also be for sale in the coming weeks.

Any questions phone 0401 319 575.

We won't be supplying any assistance in removal of the systems, and everything will need to be collected over a 1 day period.

No holds, first in best dressed

Price is for one side : 2x racks, 6x 6ft tanks + Plumbing





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