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FI Zaire Kitumba (Purple Variant)

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: $250.00Size: Approx 10cmQuantity: 4Sex: UnknownSuburb/Town: Ormiston - Hey peoples have 4 F1 Zaire Kitumba frontosas for sale, are approx 18mnths old. Told these are the purple variant so have the purple head colouring rather than the blue variant. Those who know about these fish will know what that means. Bought these fish to fill up a tank now just looking at moving them on.

Thinking around $250. for all 4 should be a good price seeing I payed $300 for them at 3cm or throw me some offers. Also have some FI Mpimbwe Fronnies to move on as well 10 - 18cm let me know what there worth ???? Think there is about 8 - 9 of them in total plus a stray you get for 0


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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