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Paul Bingham

8x2x2 Kitchen Extension

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So recently i moved into my new house and the breeding rack that i rushed into and bought ($600 lesson learnt) is not going to fit into the house anywhere. So plan B was to build a huge display for my fronts and comps along the wall in the lounge room but was shut down by the mrs because she wants a reef tank there (it will look great).

Then that gets me to plan C. I have ordered a 8x2x2. It will be built into the kitchen where the existing kitchen finishes. The cabinetry will match the kitchen and hopefully look just like a continuation of it.

Under the the 8x2x2 will be a 5x18x20 that i will be able to partition off for a grow out tank when my Tangs finally get to breeding size.

Because i have no room a sump like i originally planned, i will be running two Aqua one 2700 uv canister filters. I have chose these purely because the the one i am currently running on my 6x2x2 does a great job and is practically silent. Also i can get 2 Aqua Ones for the price of a Fx5 or 6.

I have built my stand out of timber because i could do it myself and i will be getting a kitchen company/cabinet maker to finish it off.


So this is what is there at the moment. If anyone want the tank it is for sale. The plane is to continue the tank from the fridge space to around 200mm from the wall. There will be 4 cupboard doors under and hood on top the match.


I started the stand by cutting all my pieces to size.


I notched out the up right to support the cross rails.



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Then i screwed the front and rear parts of the stand together.


The next step i attached the end cross supports.


I put 2 cross supports next to each up right and also a piece of timber to fill the gaps at each end.


I have painted every where that will be visible when the cabinet doors are open black to give it a tidier look.

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On the bottom i have used 7mm ply.


With the off cuts of the ply i have made a rail for a led strip lights to be attached, to light up the inside of the cabinet. I then painted the ply black and gave the frame a second coat.

Next i will have to move the 6x2x2 out of the way and level out the stand and screw it to the floor.

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awesome set up mate and great to be incorporating tank with kitchen in new home.... at the moment i am tankless and fishless and am actually enjoying not having the responsibility of it, but in a way still miss it... once i get this house sorted i will look at building a large display tank into a wall or similiar in new house... keep up the pics for inspiration

:beer: mike

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The 6x2x2 has sold and i am suppose to be in the process of painting the house, which i haven't gotten very far with at all. So i painted the wall the tank will be on to make my life easier later on.


I then dragged the stand in for a trial fit to see how level it will be. Its no 100% perfect but it is close enough not to need to pack out the bottom to level it out. I think i would prefer the stand to be sitting flat along the floor rather than being packed and possibly twisting.

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I don't know about you guys but this is how i move/drag stuff around my house by my self. This is the tank that is going to be going inside he stand. Its a new Aquariums r us tank 5x18x20. Cant beat the price this guy sell tanks for but I'm glad its going to be hidden away in the stand. Eventually it will be a grow out tank for my Kigoma fry but for now i will be putting my Lithobate colony in there and possibly sectioning it off and growing out my Firefin Comps till they are big enough to go into the 8x2x2.


Stands is in place and canisters and everything else is test fitted. The styro foam is stuck down and now i just gotta wait till this afternoon for the tank to arrive. I will put more pics up tonight once its on its stand safely.

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Tank has arrived! I can't believe how much bigger a 8x2x2 looks compared to the 6x2x2. Really happy with the way the tank was built it looks great. We just had one small problem. The glass supplier has cut the tank 30mm shorter than it was suppose to be. Better shorter than to long i guess but now i will have to figure out a slightly different set up on the cabinetry.

If any one on here is a cabinet maker around the sunny coast let me know. I'm after a quote for the fit out as the first quote was a bit rich in my mind.

Hopefully this week end i am going to go get two 4x2 and a 2x2 universal rock backgrounds and try join them to make it look as one. The plan is to run it along the back and on the right hand side. I want to be able to hide all the hard ware behind the background.

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mad-n-angry I'm pretty sure thats the bloke. Top work. Thanks mikedenoob but I'm a sparky. If its going to be $2300 for it to be finished off like my first quote i think i might have to just get the panelling made and have a crack at doing it tho.

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Yeah $2300 sounds rich. Where you after a wood finish or painted? I made one stand out of tassy oak and the other was pine with 2 PAC black. I got some pics on here somewhere of the tanks. Only half as big but might give you an idea. Thanks [MENTION=7637]yellows[/MENTION]

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I want it to match my kitchen pannels. Im pretty sure it would be one of the cheaper cream laminate pannels. If you look at the first pic you can see the kitchen.

thats not hard mate

if you can assemble your just drop by a kitchen/built in wardrobe factory and buy the panels yourself get them to cut it down to size

looking at the workmanship of the stand frame i dont think your going to have any problems

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You can check out the range from that supplier here

Crevice Style Background | Aquarium Products | Universal Rocks

AOA is one of the lfs that can order it in for you.

But we aint the only ones!

Awesome gear.

All things considered its not usually more expensive than going with nature rock.

And just so nice to work with.

We usually only keep various heights of 2 types of backgrounds in stock.

But can order in the whole range.

Theres some crazy stuff available. I like trying to spot the different rocks in zoo "habitats".

Very popular for them worldwide.

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