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sump size question

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Hi all, setting up another shrimp tank and have a couple of questions.

Tank will be 3x15x18, would a 2x1x1 sump handle a pump shutdown without over flowing?

I want as close to silence as i can get, what would be the best to make a sump to achieve this?

I would be using dacron, macropore and marine pure spheres.

What else could I use? Would there be any advantage in using other things?

I have had sumps before but they ran driptrays, bioballs and Scoria so I want to step it up to the new millennium lol.

I am not totally convinced on running a sump so what are some other suggestions for filtration on this tank?

What is the quietest air pump around at the moment if i decided that I wanted more air.

Sorry for all the questions, i normally just jump in but this tank has to be stable from day one.

Cheers mick

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Hi Mick, Aquael 150 are probably the quietest air pump that i know of, a 2x1x1 would probably be ok if you only use a third of it as the media section, the rest for the return pump, i have a sump in the shed (unused) i biult it for someone as a s/water sump but it could be modified easily, can't remember the measurments of hand, i'll measure and PM you about it.

cheers Pete...

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I'm not sure if a sump is the best fit for this application. As much as I despise them a canister filter is probably a better idea.

To work out of the sump will be large enough just follow this simple formula:

(a * b * c) / 1000 + d < (e * f * (g - h)) / 1000


a is the length of the tank

b is the width of the tank

c is the expected rise in water level between pump off and normal running (highly dependent on pump flow rate and the tank's drainage efficiency)

d is the volume of water in delivery and return pipes

e is the length of the final chamber in the sump

f is the width of the final chamber in the sump

g is the maximum height of the final chamber in the sump before it overflows

h is the minimum water depth to keep the pump submerged and not sucking in air

All measurements are in cm and litres.

Easy as pie?

A practical example for an imaginary setup not unlike yours would be:

a = 90

b = 37.5

c = 3

d = 1

e = 30

f = 30

g = 29

h = 14


(a * b * c) / 1000 + d < (e * f * (g - h)) / 1000

(90 * 37.5 * 3) / 1000 + 1 < (30 * 30 * (29 - 14)) / 1000

11.125 < 13.5

The statement is true so therefor the sump would be large enough (provided the figures used are accurate.)

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