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Air lab 80.

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Not too bad at all. They are more efficient than the LP or HAP pumps when it comes to air for wattage.

Shame you aint more local or could plug in both an LP and an AIRLAB for you side by side.

That said neither is too bad for sound, I find them a bit quieter than the HAP which I put down to the larger diameter output.

But even the HAP aint too bad IMHO. Just glad we aint using pistons and blowers so much anymore!

Be a few years before we know if the AIRLAB beat the LP for long term reliability.

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That's the main reason I was thinking of running 2 of them.

I can get more air for less power.

So in my eyes that's money in the bank so to speak.

I know one guy who is using them but he is Mia at the moment.

I have had an lp series but upgraded to the hap 100.

But now more air would be great.

Thanks for the reply Donny.

Anybody else have experience with them.

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I was using 2 air lab 20's for a few weeks they were killer then i upgrade to 1 air lab 120 and it's doing a killer job the only thing that annoys me is it is a little noisy but thats sorta expected for such a large air pump, not like i can hear it in the house but you can definitely hear it in the garage when you in there. No complaints here other wise price is good and reliability seems to be good also.

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