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FS: Erio Shiga, Parkeri, Rotala Mex Goias, Cryptocoryne parva, HC and UG

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.I am closing down my nano planted, all grown with CO2 and med-high light. This tank has gone crazy for me, everything is growing algae free and like a weed :)

I would like to sell all as 1 lot $75 for the lot - Pickup from Stretton (near sunnybank)

1) Erio Shiga - There are 3 plants, but 2 of them have split so more like 5.


2) Erio Parkeri - These are mostly small, but all come with roots and healthy. I counted about 30. Once the tank clears up I will pull out more im sure.


3) Rotala Mexicana Goais - 1 Big plant with chucky roots and a few runners.


4) Cryptocoryne parva - About 4 or 5 plants all with healthy roots.


Will also throw in some Riccia if you want it.

I have a heap of HC and UG that has taken over the tank, PM me if interested, would like to sell it as 1 big lot.

Please let me know if the price isnt fair.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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