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Who's munching my rainbows?

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Ok I have a few fish in one of my tanks and in the last week the rainbows have started to come out with what looks like bite marks on them. It looks like they have been fighting but I haven't seen anyone fight. They all seem very happy and active. The rainbows are healing up fine but I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions as to who may be the offending party.

The fish:

4 angel fish (under 10cm tip to tip)

5 thomasii dwarves

3 gold rams

7 large rainbowfish (approx)

10 blue eyes (approx)

5 glass perchlets

2 kuli loaches

1 common pleco (15cm)

1 gibby (15cm)

2 royal whiptails (10cm)

3 gold panchax

1 female fighterfish

2 threadfin rainbows

3 harlequin fish

5 longfin serpas

2 zebra danios

3 leopard danios

2 corys

2 paradise fish

3 siamese flying foxes

5 small gudeons

3 mystery snails

I know that the angelfish will most likely eat some of the above fish as they grow. But they are smaller than the rainbows and I think the rainbows are a bit too fast for them yet.

If anyone could give us an idea that would be great.


Carl & Jenny

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Thanks Steven for the advice but I don't think it is the gudgeons. There is actually less gudgeons in there now to what there was. I took over half of them out and that was before the rainbows attacked.

The bites are on their body's not on the fins. They look like something has taken a bite out of the side of them and one had a bite on it's mouth.

The gudgeons are way smaller than the rainbows. The rainbows are about 7-9cm and the largest gudgeon is about 3cm.

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i was thinkin the mystery snails... :lol:

nah but seriously i think it maybe the panchax.. i have seen them havin a go at other fish that were bigger than them before and i have also seen a 5cm panchax eat a cardinal tetra that was easily half its size..

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