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New Maxspect Gyre Generator - Awesome 20,000lph with Cross Flow Technology.

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.We saw the new Gyre Generator with the cross flow technology at the Pet Expo and we were very impressed with what it had to offer.

It helped to resolve the issue of dead spots in tanks just check out the youtube below and it shows the Gyre at the 2.50 minute mark.

Controllable and the cross flow technology.

We just found out they are due into Australia very shortly are expecting these in the next week or two and looking forward to them and worth keeping an eye out for them.

Click on the link below for the pricing. Not as dear as what you would think for an item like this, its top value for money.

Maxspect Gyre Generator (50w)


Here is a YouTube and you will see at the 2.50 mark just how well they flow in a tank.


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