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Fert and carbon

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It should be....... I have asked this question to so many people now........ and end of the day after being told by 50% of people it will remove nutrients......... then told by the other 50% it will be fine.......

I thought stuff it.

What does Amano do?

Turns out he uses carbon, lots of it.

So yea.... that tips the scales for me in favor of it being ok.

A porous, rough-surfaced pumice stone media and activated carbon are the main filter media that I use in the Nature Aquarium. The dirt that is taken into the filter with water is trapped by the rough surface of the filter media and removed from the water. The dirt that is dissolved in water is adsorbed and removed by activated carbon. The trapped dirt feeds and encourages the microbes in the filter, such as bacteria and protozoans, to multiply and further break down the accumulated dirt.

However, if too much decomposed dirt, organic matter, and cellulose from decayed plant matter accumulate inside the filter, they reduce the flow and decrease the filtering capacity. This creates the condition commonly known as a clogged filter. When this happens, algae start to grow rapidly, and the clarity of the water decreases as well.

To remedy this, the filter media needs to be cleaned. To minimize damage to the filter bacteria, fill a bucket with water from the aquarium, and rinse the filter media in it to wash off the dirt. Activated carbon should be replaced at the same time. Although it depends on the condition of the aquarium, filter media maintenance should be performed once every three months to half a year as a general rule. If a lot of fish are kept and a lot of food is given, or if all the leaves of a Cryptocoryne melt suddenly in an aquarium, the filter media becomes dirty more quickly. The filter media in such an aquarium should be checked frequently.

Although the adsorption ability of activated carbon lasts only two weeks or so, you can keep using it well after that point, since filter bacteria inhabits its intricately porous surface from then on. However, if the filter media is washed, the filtering capacity decreases temporarily. Therefore we exchange activated carbon after the media cleaning to compensate for the loss.


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