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F1 Stuartgranti Maleri Chidunga rocks "sunshine"

GCB Stuartgranti maleri Maleri island "Yellow regal"

F1 Stuartgranti Koningsi Mbenji island "Blue regal"

F1 Stuartgranti-Steveni Undu reef "Blue neon"

GLB Stuartgranti Ngara "Ngara red"

F2 Jacobfreibergi Cape Mclear "Red cape"

F1 Jacobfreibergi Undu reef "Lemon Jake"

F1 Hansbaenschi Fort Maguire "Red flash"

GLB spec. ruben red "Rotor Kaiser"

GCB sp. Lwanda "Yellow top"

GCB Maylandi "Sulpher head"

GCB sp. Turkis "turquoise"

GCB Ethelwynnae chilumba/Mdoka "Nothern Aulonocara"

GCB Aquilonium Mdoka

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Its really not that hard to understand. All my fish are either wild caught or german captive breed. the only fraud thats going on is your accusation.

if it states F1 the fish are bred from a wild caught colony.

if it states F2 the fish are bred from F1.

if it states GCB the fish are from german captive bred or are GERMAN CAPTIVE BRED.

if it states GLB the fish are select line bred / German captive bred.

To state that anything is fraud from what you have read is just stupid; if im in Australia, how the hell am i going to sell German fish? hmmm lets think about that for a second.......... Firstly, if i have wild caught fish it means they have been imported....... secondly if i have German captive bred it means they also have been imported...... thirdly, if i am a breeder and buy German captive bred in large quantities to grow females out to breeding size; what do you think i do with male German captive bred fish???

so have you worked it out yet???? i sell the GERMAN CAPTIVE BRED MALES.... SO THEREFORE THEY ARE GERMAN CAPTIVE BRED!

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Everyones keen for a turkis. i will have to see how they breed. i only got 3 males and 7 females. sold one male turkis for $125.00 @ 6cm. i hope they breed well to get the price right down so they can accompany the other 14 species in the Aulonocara display package; which is how i hope to sell (one male of every species.)

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Communication errors happen all the time on this site, pm would have been ideal without dragging this thread through the mud. Your intentions on selling these male fish are now stated, and it sounds like an interesting venture and I hope you have great success. It would be nice seeing some of these getting around.

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