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EOI: 3 foot & 2foot tanks on 3teir racks

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Unfortunately i will not have as much time for my fish in the future due to

a career change. So i'm just going to down size and keep my favourites.

I have 2 x 3 teir racks all made of gal box.

rack 1 has 6 of 3foot x 2 foot x 12 inch high

rack 2 has 3 of 3 foot x 2 foot x 12 inch high and 4 of 2foot x 12 x 12

The 3 foot tanks aren't flash but they hold water and i have breed cichlids and catties in them. They only have foam for lids. The 2 footers are good quality with glass lids.

I can text pics but can't upload them at the moment as my computer is being fixed.

Any enquiries pm me or ring 0409 614 999

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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