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Can pond peddles change ph?

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Hi I have a 3 ft tank with a lot of plants and drift wood in it. Seams like I can never keep the ph down. It is constantly around 7.6- 78 and I do understand that it is not that bad but would like to lower it for my apisto. I have almond leaves in the tank as well as using peat moss. I changed the fine gravel to a ph neutral one and also put a layer of shrimp nanno soil in that is set to 6.5-70 ph under the gravel.

My question is ... I also have a fair few pond pebbles from bunnings in the tank is it possible that they may be raising the ph? They are black and white as well as a few brown ones.

I am totally stuff as to why it stays high. Even before I changed the gravel it would stay around 8. My only other thought is that it may be the pebbles.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Forget pH

Focus on total dissolved solids

If you are using Brisbane tap water....you will find it very hard to lower pH

and even if you do....it will still contain to many minerals for your apistos

Your Apisto's will be Happiest in soft water

Do a 50% water change and use pure water....RO or rainwater from a plastic tank

It is easier to lower pH in soft water using natural methods....ketapang leaves

Of course this is a waste of time if your substrate is dissolving...;)

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If your substrate contains calcium bicarbonate also know as limestone it will break down and dissolve in water. Do a vinegar test on the pebbles. Take the rocks out and put some vinegar on it and if it bubbles it's dissolving if not it's fine.

As previously said if your using town water you might as well be pissing into the wind

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