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4 foot tank with everything for sale.

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I have 4 foot tank

15kg of crushed coral

3 lava rocks with Anubis on them

3 driftwood pieces...2 with plants on them

300w heater

Canister filter

New 4 foot light can be hung from the ceiling or put on top of the tank. It has dual globes white and blue.

It is on a black stand


More pictures can be sent by phone

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300w heater has been sold bit I have a 250 one with the tank now. 1 piece of driftwood has been sold with 1 Anubis plant so still a few plants and driftwood and lava rock left.

Also heaps of crushed coral.

170 for the setup now as this heater was cheaper than the one I sold.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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