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Teco TK Aquarium Chillers now in stock - Made In Italy - Low Power Consumption

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..Our order is due in this afternoon of Teco TK Chillers. Completely redesigned from the ground up.

Currently their are five models available to suit different water volumes

Link - Age of Aquariums - Chillers

MADE IN ITALY design and production 2 year warranty

Efficient Cooling Technology

• The exclusive use of high-quality compressors and titanium coaxial heat exchanger, ensures high performance and low energy consumption. The set of technologies used allows you to decrease noise levels and achieve the highest COP (Coefficient Of Performance) contributing to significant energy savings.

Digital Thermostat

• Intuitive setting of functions and accurate temperature detection, resolution 0.1°C/0.2°F. The setting range is 0°-35°C (32°F-95°F) and there is a closed loop temperature control system with high accuracy and extremely tight differential (0.5°C/1°F). Displayed temperature is in °C or °F and there are security alarms.

Efficient Design

• The chiller, with its innovative design, is characterized by a solid structure designed to guarantee a perfect protection against rust. The functionality of the shape and the compact size are also suitable for confined spaces.

Unique Feature

• The innovative TECOair SYSTEM makes it possible to rotate the conveyor, thus ensuring optimal air exchange for the chiller and heat output from the cabinet. Quick and easy magnetic air filter maintenance. The standard built-in heater ensures continuous and optimal maintenance of temperature in all use conditions.

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