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Bulk L397 sale - WANTING L046

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Price: 10 for $200 or swap all 40 for a couple L046 juviesSize: 3-5cmQuantity: 40 ishSex: MixedSuburb/Town: mountain creek.

Hey calling all L046 breeders / L046 owners

I'm after 2 or 3 L046 juvies

Got about 40 juvenile - sub adult L397 to trade

Or will sell at $20 each for 10 or more

Minimum of 10 fish per sale & prefer to swap the lot for L046 if anyone is willing

pm or phone 0437934115 cheers, jono

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if your lucky someone might swap 1 x 046 for 40 x 397 plus cash.....def wont get 2 or 3 x 046s

thanks bigboy , guess you figure zeb fry are still worth a grand each - maybe

just thought someone could make a nice big display tank with 40 of these to pick thru / grow on / breed /

i could make a ca$h adjustment if someone will part with a couple fry to go into a u beaut planted display??

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not quite a grand i sell heaps at $700 a pop... cant believe 397's going for $20 these days... when i first bred them was still getting around $80 each... but times change... look zebs will eventually come down too... i dont think they'll ever go much below $500 each as they normally dont have big spawns and for some reason not a lot of people consistantly breeding them... good luck with your sale :)

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yeah $20 is too cheap , all the subadults ive bought over the years cost at least $50 & adults ive paid $80-$140 each fish (fish for sale here are juvi's @3-5cm with a few bigger ones)

not trying too bring prices down any further, just realistic about moving numbers of fish quickly as opposed to 1's & 2's here n there

i believe 10 are on hold for a local member & had a call from a buyer keen on the lot at an even cheaper rate being considered

still waiting with pilchard in mouth ( baited breath yeah ) :) for an L046 swap but time running out if people start grabbing 10 @ a time... ok gotta go syphon pleco poo happy days people

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