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WTB bigger Convicts

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Cichlid Type: American CichlidsPrice: hopefully not too muchSize: 8cm+Quantity: as many as possibleSex: MixedSuburb/Town: Regents Park, Logan, 4118.Hey guys,

Wanting to get a couple of Bigger Decent quality Convict Cichlids.

Wanting to set up a display of just a couple of convicts, plus wanting a big male to go in my display 6x2x2 Yank tank.

Can swap some other fish or cash.

The closer to logan the better, still a month off getting my license back :(


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I got some 2cm to 5cm striped and whites. I have 2x 8cm jackdempseys and another 7cm american I forget What it is. . U can have the lot for $5 I just want to clear that tank out lol

where abouts are you mate?


what about mine, they are good convicts,


hahaha sorry, i just had to,

HAHAHA you know why mate!!!! you are located around 2 hours away haha.

Maybe if you wanna ship, after christmas, I might buy a sizeable amount to throw in the ibc haha

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