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its public knowledge that they are already here. This is just formalising it as they can't control backdoor entry now.

3. It is noted this species is currently traded within Australia as juveniles. The applicant considers

that the currently traded juvenile fish are illegally imported and intends to reduce the risk of this

illegal activity by providing an avenue for enthusiasts to access the species legally in a controlled

and low risk manner.

More on damage control.

The more you legalise the importation, the more "breeders" will take advantage of this as they have lesser risk now of being identified as the market now have a legal source. Valuewise, it will still be lucrative for "breeders" to continue the backdoor entry method.

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From what I can gather, the general view among the government departments regarding the Asian Arowana is that its a predator that we cannot afford to have in our waterways. The focus on protecting our native flora and fauna at all cost, means IMHO that its very unlikely to see more imports.

The more that come in, the cheaper they become........ the more likely someone will dump into a water way. (like peacock bass)

Or the more likely people will try establish a wild breeding population here. (like tilapia)

Interesting to see how it develops tho.

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Yes the part about being sole importer and supplier to all of Australia for the first five years is interesting.

Found that statement:

It is considered based on the assessments undertaken within this report that Scleropages formosus and

Scleropages inscriptus should be included on the current list of species allowed to be imported into

Australia. Furthermore it should be considered to place this species on Part 2 of the Live Import list and

that the applicant is granted a five year exclusive license to control, regulate and document this new

introduction into the Australian market.

I would say an "unscrupulous" proponent with PROFIT $$$$$ as the main driver for this paper.

Prices will remain steady as you need to get it from CITES approved farms and they run fixed price on species they certify and sell. They are highly regulated as well so they can't do much on pricing.

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