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AQUAmunch Thrive Advance is finally HERE (Compare to spectrum grow)

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.Well its finally arrived... All the way from Europe

AQUAmunch Thrive Advance..

Aquamunch Thrive Advanced

we sent out some sample to people all over Australia and if you were one of them PLEASE COMMENT HERE with how you found the product

We are kicking off the product with some great specials

100g - $9.95 0n sale now $7.50 (Forum discount $6.75)

250g - $16.95 On sale now $12.50 (Forum Discount $11.25)

500g - $22.90 On sale now $19.00 (Forum Discount $17.10)

1KG - $29.90 On sale now $25.00 (Forum Discount $22.50)

3KG - $75.00 On sale now $65.00 (Forum Discount $58.50)

These prices are for a limited time as we want people to try it for themselves...

It is also available in a stage 2 size 1mm which will be released soon

The images below are to show you size comparison as well as the pellets water stability



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