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Plant pack - stem cuttings, subwassertang, blyxa

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**** these are now gone ****


I have the following plant pack available. $15 for the lot, but I would much prefer to trade for just 15 red cherry shrimp. Any grade will do.

The pack contains:

- a large amount of subwassertang (disclaimer: there may be a few snails and bits of fissidens attached)

- a large number of blyxa japonica (well over 30)

- a good sized bunch of rotal H'ra

- a few other assorted cuttings as pictured

- a couple of small hygrophila pinnatifida pups which can be attached to rocks/driftwood (not pictured, will be harvested on pickup).

These are pickup only, from Calamvale of the south side of Brisbane. Preference will be given to whoever can trade me 15 red cherry shrimp.

PM if interested. Available for a few days only.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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