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Newbie saying g'day!

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.I'm hamish, just thought I would make my first post. Recently acquired 8 juvenile ps Flavus from a reputable breeder and wanting to work on the species to get better line going. My first definite male is already showing good colours and distinct, clear and thick bars. Lets hope I can get a few females from the bunch to start some breeding in the next couple of months. I also have a male and female red terror I am trying to pair but she's a fair bit bigger and beating the male to hell and back. Causing a bit of a headache haha. Don't really know what else to say so I will leave it there. Cheers!

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Thanks a lot! :) Yeah a good quality one is an amazing fish, hoping mine turn out alright! Haha the female doesn't have a scratch, will probably have to try to get either a smaller female or a bigger male. She is 18cm and he is somewhere around 10-12cm. Just could't pass up on her since she was one of the best females I had seen in a while. Hoping to get into some more of the hard to get africans once I can get some more tanks.. or I could be tempted if I ever run into some nice umbees or similiar Americans xD. Cheers for the welcome :)

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Nice to meet you today Hamish & thanks for driving 200km round trip to trade fish :)

Not many young blokes would do that,- & not many research / think about needs of fish they aquire like you did with the Lnumbers n peps. Good to know when fish leave here they will be looked after cheers & kudos


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Mate no worries! Was good to meet you to. Learnt a a few more tips and tricks and finally get some L397's which I have been drooling over for a while now. Whenever that little pair breeds make sure you put me down for a good 10 of the babies..absolute stunners, Cheers again for all your help and generosity though. And donny and obeice, sorry I never responded, never got a notification! yeah I did have plenty of spots for him but he kept coming out to check on her and just kept getting smashed. Jono now is the owner of her, so hopefully she turns out good for him

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I'm Emma

New to Brisbane and qldaf

Since move I am enjoying my little bit of wilderness in my backyard including my newly acquired pond

Hoping to meet new people

Very involved in community activities previously and hope to do the same in qld

There is a fishing day at forest lakes this Sunday

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