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.Hey guys, my mother is having trouble with her Axolotl.

She rescued this Axo from a store about a year ago, which when bought was fungused up and had no gills and was literally on the verge of death. After 2 months she was fat as and nice n healthy again with gills slightly growing back.

Recently she purchased a male to go with her so she'd have company, he was only a young guy. The last probably 3 weeks they stopped eating have both started getting fungus, red veins and a blackish mouth. She lost the male on Saturday and the female is looking pretty bad as you can see by the pics.

I've been telling her about the heat and how it affects them this time of year and she's been putting ice blocks in and only recently she started putting her in the fridge because i told her too, to keep the temp down during the hot days.

Initially 3 weeks ago the water wasn't the best, there was dead patches of anaerobic bacteria throughout the whole thing, left over pieces of food floating etc. She does do regular waterchanges though.

Anyway the water is fine now and back on track temp is looking better, but the axo looks like death.

Any ideas?

Possibly the male brought something into the tank, already low immune system coupled with the water and the new male caused them some grief?

Hope someone can help her.


Edit - forgot to mention she was dosing with pima and mela when it flared up.




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