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EOI 1metre Fish Tank, Stand etc

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Condition: UsedPrice: EOIWilling To Ship: Nolocation: Robina.I have a 1metre curved edge fish tank w/ custom timber stand. Will part with everything separately for the right price (and when fish sell), just seeing what offers are out there as I've brought a bigger tank. List of everything below:

- Tank (1020mm long x 490mm wide x 530mm high)

- Timber stand (900mm high)

- Submarine ornament

- Plants (val, amazon Sword, other)

- White sand substrate

- 2x 300w heaters

- 2200lph UV Canister filter

- Dual outlet airpump

- 3ft Dual bulbs Aqua One light

Tropical Fish

- Golden Gourami (approx 12cm)

- Pearl Gourami (approx 9cm)

- ~ 15 x Neon Tetras

- 3 x Black Neon Tetras

- 2 x Glowlight Tetras

- 6 x Dalmatian Mollies

- 2 x Balloon Mollies

- 4 x Platies

- 6 x Orange Swordtails

- ~20 x Guppies



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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