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Oscar Fiends 3x2x2 mixed reef build

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.Hey guys, thought i might start a thread for my current project. Its a 3x2x2 G&J Maher tank, cabinet and hood purchased 2nd hand from a workmate with a custom racetrack sump to fit the cabinet. I decided to buy this setup from my mate to move the inhabitants of my 4x15x18 running off an aquaone marisys for the past 2 years to get a little more high tech and have a crack at some sps corals again.

strike up date: 12/10/2014

water: RODI/salt mix

lighting: 160w dim-able full spectrum bridgelux led fitting (china ebay) on 12hr timer

circulation: tunze nanostream 6020 and hydor koralia nano 1200 (soon to be either jebao rw4 x2 or a maxspect gyre)

skimmer: reef octopus DNW-110 (soon to be marine sources RDC-850 monster skimmer)

sump: 3 chamber racetrack, 1st chamber filter sock, marine pure bio-spheres and skimmer, 2nd chamber DSB, refugium with chaeto and caulerpa, 3rd chamber chemipure blue, 300w heater and 3000lph return pump

fuge lighting: 14w full spectrum led on opposite schedule to display tank

top up: manual RO (soon to be smart ATO)

dosing: manually dosing Aqua Vitro calcium, magnesium, iodide, trace elements and 8.4 ph buffer and testing with API reef master kit and salifert testers. (soon to be kamoer 4ch dosing pump and hanna checker test kits)

Tank Stock

1x niger trigger, 1x coral beauty, 1x lawnmower blenny, 1x snowflake eel (eaten a few of my fish now resides in the refugium til i find him a new home) 4x strombus snails, 2x trochus snails, 6x turbo snails, 2x cowrie snails and about 20x glass shrimp from kings beach rock pools that escaped the triggers wrath...

1x catty, 1x favia, 2x trachy, 2x lobo, 1x toadstool, 1x colt, 1x acan, 4x zoa colonies, a few pallys and bright red mushrooms and a small green sps that started as a spec on some liverock and has grown to about a 20c piece size, i have since fragged it off the rock and am hoping better placement will boost its growth so i can ID it better.

anyways pics to follow :) all comments and questions welcome !

old vs new


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The day i switched it over (earlier than planned as the marisys pump died)


sorry for sideways pic but the tank and sump after setup


FTS day 7


So i initially had planned to take it slow and set it up around xmas 2014 but the old systems pump failed one day when i got home from work so it was an emergency rush to set up the new system to keep everything alive. used the 200ltrs of water from the old system and had to mix about about 200 more of RODI and salt to get the new system flowing so essentially it was kind of like doing a 50% water change lol. i used all the media from the marisys and had a large bag of marine pure spheres seeding in my housemates sump for about 6 months so the initial spike i expected was taken care of by a large bio colony. i decided not to reuse my old sand from my 4ft (except in my fuge for the DSB due to all the living goodness already in it) and opted for 3-5mm calcium carbonate in the display instead.

I also had a bad caulerpa outbreak in my display so i dried out all my old live rock over a few months and only used it once it was white again and soaked in RODI water for about 2 weeks, dont want any algae other than coraline in the display this time round !

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Did a slight rescape last night whilst cleaning/water changing. red and blue lobos that went clear and were almost skeletons are starting to grow new flesh and colour up again (gashed my wrist open on the old tank moving house 8 months ago, severed a tendon and wasnt able to set up the tank properly. lost quite a lot of livestock however what you see in this tank are all survivors only addition is the blue trachy)


looking through from the right hand side of the tank


still only letting me add 2 pictures at the time with the uploader... sorry for all the replys!

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