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Juwel 120 planted journal

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.So after selling up and only having a two footer i could not just settle at that so purchased a tank off here and set off to set it up here is the run down thus far ,only have had this tank up and running for a week so early days


Tank;Juwel 120

Filtration: Fluval 306

Co2: ista 1l cylinder,ista regulator,ista inline diffuser

Lighting:2x petworx 6500k 60cm led

Substrate:bottom layer is a thin layer of ada aqua soil middle layer ,sand/1mm gravel ,top layer 2 bags of eco complete


Ludwigia glandulosa,Hygrophilia pinnaifadia ,crested java ,bolbitis,crypt wenditti red ,crypt balanese,heminathus callitrichoides,glossostigma elatinoides

Livestock:(to be put in yet)

Cato river tri

Coen river tri



and a few others

at the moment running co2 @ 2 bps

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