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Hidden Valley rainbow - scientific name?

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I have talked to my mate today and he believes going by the photo you have supplied thats its a Running River Rainbow though it hasnt been classified with a name yet

He has caught them b4 and photographed them and knew straight away from the photo


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The "Hidden Valley" splendida is caught in the upper reaches of the Running River near Paluma (north of Townsville) in Nth Queensland.

It is currently identified as M. splendida.splendida. However it looks and acts somewhat different to other splendida morphs in the lower reaches of the Running River and the Burdekin River.

Mind you it is still a "splendida" type rainbow but whether or not it is in fact a different species is still up in the air.

The old timers called it the "Uppler Burdekin Rainbow" or "Leggett's Rainbow" after the discover of it - Ray Leggett.

Here is a link to Adrian Tappin's website....look about 2/3 of the way down for the relevant photo: http://members.optushome.com.au/chelmon/splendida.htm

Nevertheless, it is one of my favourite natives. Hidden Valley and the Running River is a nice place to visit as well.



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