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New Shrimp Block and Shrimp food.

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...We now have available our new Shrimp Block and Shrimp food.

We put Graham to task in developing a couple of new product for us.

Firstly a Shrimp Block - we wanted a block that lasted (approx 3 months), that helped with water properties, containing Montmorillonite, helped with colour, had a food source as well as a carbon source and this is what he was able to come up with for us...

Ornamental Shrimp Mineral Block - and it is just $19.95 less your discount.

Here is the link for it ----> Ornamental Shrimp Mineral Block



Cointains Montmorillonite

The innovative block adds essential minerals required to maintain the healthy existence of ornamental freshwater shrimp. It does this by automatically dissolving based on the existing water hardness

The Block will increase permanent hardness while not effecting carbonate hardness, it does however contain a liquid form of Carbon that is essentialfor all life incliding good bacteria. The liquid carbon also doubles as a very effective plant fertiliser and Ammonia Converter.

Although it is recognised by the manufacturer that shrimp are normally kept in RO or Rain Water the inclined carbon acts on lime in town water to convert it into Calcium Carbonate check can then be consumed by the aquarium environment, making it possible to maintain good crustacean health

The block also incorporates Astaxanthin impregnated food to encourage shrimp to consume the Montmorillonite in the Block. Shrimp often come into contact in the wild with more soluble form of this kind of clay. This process is designed to simulate this action.

Included food is stabilised by the Liquid Carbon and the segment can be used as a weekend or weekly holiday feeder.

Block Contains:

Calcium Montmorillonite, Calcium Sulphate, C5H8O2 as Liquid Carbon, Magnesium Sulphate, Potassium Sulphate, Iron Sulphate Chelated, Magnesium Sulphate, Astaxanthin.


One Block per 50l Water

First Block will last approx 1 Week

Once the water levels content are levelled after the first block additional blocks will last approx 2-3 weeks


The next one is Shrimp food that also helped with colour - $16.50 Less your discount :-


Ornamental Shrimp Colour Enhancing Pellet Food 35g

Here is the link for it -----> Ornamental Shrimp Pellet Food 35g

Manufactured from the highest quality fish meal and vegetable products.

The Pellet is micronised and extruded to form the appropriate size and then cold coated in Astaxathin to replace natural colour enhancement missing from semi-artificial environments.

The advanced technology used to manufacture this extruded pelletmakes it very stable and less likely to pollute the water.

Feed only a few pellets for several shrimp at a time, ensure thre is no uneaten food after 5 minutes approx.


Fish Meal, Squid Meal and refine oil, Shrimp Meal, Soyabean Meal, Lecithin, Cerials, Yeast, Vitamins and Minerals.


Crude Protein 40%

Crude Fat 6%

Crude Ash 14%

Moisture 8%

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