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.Just a question, has anyone had any experience with clown loaches being able to survive through a high salt dose in a tank ?

A friend has recommended dosing a 8x2x2 tank that houses my saratoga lei with 5kg of salt to simply fix a partially clouded eye, I'm concerned my loaches might not handle 5kg of salt.

Had any experience ? please comment.

(I'm certain my saratoga will handle the salt just fine, main concern is will my loaches)



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Would you subtract that from the 5kg, or add 5kg to it?

I would work out the salinity and then test it on one clown in a bucket.

Better to lose one, than lose them all.

That said clowns are a river fish. A tasty river fish.

Firm white oily flesh aside, they are found from the headwaters right down to where it first starts getting a bit tidal....... so they can handle a bit more salt than people usually expect.

Probably more optimal to salt up an IBC and move the toga into it for a while though.

Unless this salt level is going to be a longterm thing.

In which case I would be more worried about your filtration microbes than your loaches.

Brackish biofiltration takes longer to mature than marine..........

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