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Tanganyikans and acei

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: variuosSize: as listedQuantity: lotsSex: UnknownSuburb/Town: Depends.ok I need to move some fry,

Neolamprologus leleupi yellow 4-6cm $8 each

Pseudotropheus acei," msuli point" yellow tail acei 4-8cm $5 each

Tropheus duboisi "Maswa 3-5cm Sale price $7 each ( some starting to get bands) minimum of 20 HEAPS available

Tropheus Moorii "Mpulungu" F2 3.5-6cm, $20 each (25-30 left)

sale price 20 for $300, these are a great size and should be breeding within 6 months

Tropheus Lufubu F1 3.5-5cm $25 each ( 6-8 left) all on hold

Tropheus sp red "Kachese 3-5cm $20 each, sale price 20 for $350

Shipping available Australia wide through AAE at buyers cost, I may also be coming to Brisbane next week, if the weather is kind.

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free bump for the Mpulungu mate..what a great variety of trofius :hail: grab these while you can guys as they dont pop up often... Ive had some in the past from JB and i think they are one of the sexiest varieties if you ask me and at a great price too..damn :faint:...damn i would be all over these if i could!

Thanks, for that...I bought JBs adult colony...they re stunning F1 from JAmo..

Anyways people I will be in Brisbane north side on Tuesday, if you want anything let me know by 5pm Monday so I can bag it up for you!...

reply on here or text me please, 0400363851

cheers MIck

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lol I was down for 3 days over Christmas... never mind

I probably wont be back down for a few months now, unless I get a lot of interest in fish. if your keen I am able to send these down via AAE pick up at Brisbane airport, I think its about $50-60, but would have to check again.


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