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Whole Fisheroom Full of Africans (Everything Must go!!!)

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: See BELOWSize: SEE BELOWQuantity: SEE BELOWSex: MixedSuburb/Town: Mermaid Beach.I regret to say that I will be closing down my fishroom over the next 2 months and will need to sell all my fish, tanks and everything else you need to keep fish. I’m starting Uni next year and will not have the time or space to keep. I also need the money to fund college next year. I don’t want to leave the hobby but I hope my fish can go to other Hobbyists who will take care of them and enjoy them as much as I have. I will add pictures over the next couple days but there are already pictures of these guys all over this forum and others. Thanks

Fish for sale:

Frontosa Burundi Breeding colony. 12+ adults in the colony, more females then males. 14-35cm. They are constant breeders and a well-established colony and won’t take long to make money back. Includes my well known dominant male Brutus who is an absolute stunner, see link. Was $1000, now $900

Frontosa Burundi Sub-Adults. 16+ fish with great colour and strong bars. Some very good looking young males in this group. 7-10cm. $250 ON HOLD

Frontosa Burundi fry. 20+ fish at 3-4cm. not ready just yet but taking orders. 10 for $120

Cyathopharnx Furcifer Resha (WC and F1) breeding colony. 1m/4f. Consistent breeders and still Rare around QLD. 11-14cm and boy has nice long fins and great colour. Mouthful now and have picture ready on phone to text. Was $600, now $550 SOLD!!

Gold Comp male. 10cm. Would make a good breeder, nice strong bars and features. $25 SOLD!

Electric Blue colony. 7-9cm. constant breeders 2m/3f (1 girl missing eye). Buyer can have any mouthfuls. $35

Placidochromis Mbamba female. 10cm. free to anyone that has a colony because I know very few of these guys are around. SOLD!!!

F1 Neolamprologus Brichardi Fulwe rock colony with fry. There are 5 adults, pretty sure 2m/3f at 8-10cm with beautiful long fins. There are also 10 of their F2 fry at 2-3cm which I will include in the colony or can be bought separately. $100 for adults and fry SOLD!!!

F1/F2 Tropheus Moliro colony. 7-11cm and have produced hundreds of fry for me over the last few years. Purchased them as fry from numerous sources in QLD and VIC so good number of bloodlines. These guys have been great money makers for me and will do the same for their next owners. There’s somewhere between 30-35 of them with more girls than boys. Won't take long to pay for themselves, $700 for the colony. SOLD!!!!

F2 Fossochromis Rostratus fry and sub-adults. Very healthy looking young fry from my F1 breeders. Strong dark spots and very groovy little fish. Have around 40 or so available in a variety of sizes. 3-5cm for $10each

Featherfin catfish. 15-20cm, nice long fins and very healthy. $10 SOLD!

Also have 2-3 large Copadichromis Chrysonotus females which can be free with any purchase SOLD!!!!

I am also selling tanks and everything else you need to keep fish like chemicals, nets, shells, barnacle clusters, large coral pieces, substrates, driftwood, heaters, fish food, filters (internal and external). I will add a link to s post in Dry goods. They will be going cheap and prices can be sorted when you get here. I need to clear everything out so I can do deals on multiple things. if you are interested in any of these follow this link to dry goods:


First in first served

Thank you,


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