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FS: Whole Fishroom- Heaps of tanks, fish and anything you need

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Condition: --Price: See BELOWWilling To Ship: Nolocation: Gold Coast.I regret to say that I will be closing down my fishroom over the next 2 months and will need to sell all my fish, tanks and everything else you need to keep fish. I’m starting Uni next year and will not have the time or space to keep. I also need the money to fund college next year. I don’t want to leave the hobby but I hope my fish can go to other Hobbyists who will take care of them and enjoy them as much as I have. I will add pictures over the next couple days.

Tanks (L,W,H) Please PM with number for photos

- The 4 6ft tanks are already empty and on a different location but ready to sell now

1x 6ft,2ft,2ft (exactly) with full lids, $200

1x 6ft 2inch, 23inch, 18inch, tank is divided, 1 part 18inch long, other is 58inch long $200

1x 6ft,2ft,2ft (exactly) Divided Into 3 tanks, 2x 1ft,2ft,2ft and 1x 4ft,2ft,2ft $200

1x 71inch,18inch,23inch, no lids, $190

6x 3-4ft tanks which still have fish in them but will be for sale after for $50 each

Accessories/others- I have basically everything you need to keep breed and grow cichlids so all of that will be for sale also. Will work out prices when you arrive because there is to many prices to write up.

9L bucket of coarse coral/shell substrate. Great as a buffer in your tank.

Numerous PVC pipes, fittings and bulkheads

Egg crate, good as dividers

Heap of shells of different sizes. Bred my comps and calvus in these, taken me ages to get a good collection.

Large coral pieces

River rocks, free

Slate and granite pieces

Small tanks

Heaps of different sized nets

Egg tumblers

Terracotta pots of varying sizes


Large and medium driftwood

Heaters of different sizes

Couple Kg’s of Fish food

20kg bag of silica sand 1mm

Air pumps, large and small

Air pumps which need new parts, LP20, LP100 and more

Spare Air pump Diaphragms

Battery operated air pump 55L/min, great for when power runs out.

Sponge filters

Air tubing

Internal filters: Otto’s, Ehiem and other

External canister filters

Heaps of ornaments and caves

Chemicals, supplements, plant food, treatments

Heaps of test kits

Buffers and salts

20L buckets

BN logs

Please PM me for details and we can organise times to come check things out and can text pictures of anything. Will do good prices and combo deals as I need everything gone.

If you are interested in any of my fish please follow this link to live stock:




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