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Cleaning Calcium from Glass - The real way

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So like everybody here at its come up against some really bad hard water lime scale build up on tanks and have struggled and failed to completely remove it despite following the general advice.

So I stepped it up a notch.


Just ordinary concentrated hydrochloric acid from the pool shop.

When using this stuff make sure to wear nitrile gloves and have bicarb on hand to deal with any spills.


Here's the tank. It has been left out in the sun for weeks. So it gone really hard and was difficult to scrape with a razor.

Basically all I did was pour a small amount in the tank. Using a cheap scouring pad soak up the acid and scrub away all lime. Repeated until I thought it's all gone. Carefully rinsed the walls of by tank down. Importantly I added bicarb to the acid solution in the tank untill it stopped fizzing. It you don't do this its bad for the environment and the sewage systems. Then I tipped it out and called it a day. Easy as.

Just a quick after shot after drying a portion of the glass.


Just thought I'd tack on some safety information:

Conectrated Hydrochloric acid is dangerous! This stuff here is 33% (or 9M to the chemicaly inclined)

Concentrated HCl will do a nice job at dissolving any metals it comes in contact with producing hydrogen gas. (as will vinegar, just slower as its less concentrated)

Always use nitrile or chemical resistant gloves when the is the possibilty of skin contact.

Always have bicarb on hand to neutralise any spills - but when adding bicarb to a spill be careful as the reaction is vigorous and produces alot of heat!

Always neturalise the solution with bicarb before disposing of.

The fumes are dangerous and hurt like hell, don't breathe them. If you do move away and take many deep breaths to clear the gas out completely!

This looks scary when you look at the list... Its really not that bad to deal with, you just need to be careful and keep these things in mind!

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Safety Information
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