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what now?

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Water changes and keep your PH stable at all times and add ammo lock for a few weeks till they settle in and keep temps between 21c to 24c during that time if possible. I would toss the substrate material completely! Okay to iron out our mistakes, we need to look at where we went wrong! Did you have the heaters top/head under water or at least in the water at any time in the past or any time really?? Two things with heaters and I know this is to late with what happened to you, but it happened to me many years ago! Now I never let the majority of the glass make contact with the air unless it has cooled for ages, also there is no such thing as a heater that remains sealed up, in a day or in 20 years, it will take in water and go boom!! You buy a heater and watch its performance for a few months then it will usually be fine and not fail by then, if you put the head in any water, you are now playing a slow or fast game of Russian Rulet! Oh also check with any hobby power lead to pumps, heaters etc,etc is not hardening with the elec load, it will crack if that happens and maybe go boom. Hope it all goes okay.

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.Hi guys,

woke early hours of today to find a heater had exploded and most of my fish dead. I have a bigger tank so I am slowly putting m rock in it while I find my dead fish. What else should I do?

I'd move accross as much of the old filter media as possible. Obviously avoid anything that looks like it might have glass shards in it.

But yea we want to try avoid an ammonia/nitrite spike if we can.

Have broken heaps of heaters in my time.

Never fun.

Glass, water and electricity......... its not really an ideal combo.

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