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~ those fish with arms.....~

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Hi all,

I was in a lfs yesterday and saw one of those *axotals* or whatever there name is. I was just wondering if anyone knows if they can come out the the water? and if so, how long for?

I really dont much like em but im just a bit interested in them, cus they are probly the wierest fish i have EVER seen.


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They are not fish.

They are the laval stage of the Salamander Lizard.

As far as I know they are the only animal that can breed in its laval stage.

They can not come out of the water (treat them like a fish, very short periods ONLY)

They do not grow into Salamanders (too much breeding in captivity).

Never let the tank get abouve 26-27 degrees and they can handle temperatures down to 4 degrees.

Very funny when people come over and you have a sick one in the fridge to help combat disease.

They have a wonderful temperament and make a GREAT pet.

They LOVE attention.

One rule of thumb is one foot of tank space per Axolotyl.

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hey these are crazy :lol: . they are the larval stage of a lizard 8O far out. my wife wants one really bad but i cant really think of any fish to go with them as they eat feeder fish and i would not want a bigger fish in there because it might eat them :cry: oh well another tank for me :wink: .

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Axolotyls yas they do turn in to lizerds

But they have been so inter breed that thay will never reach their final stage of life

It has be done but it took a long time using diffrent drugs and condishioning

Thay need cool water around 15 to 20c to do well

Thay will take pellets and meaty foods like blood worm

So u can eather use a chiller of frozen bottles of water


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I dont think frozen bottles on ice will provide them the colder water they require

Either a chiller or AC room is ideal

Not a good pet to keep with fish though as anything they can catch will be eaten and other faster fish are good at eating away their gills

Phil has a fair bit of knowledge about them (Gee i didnt expect to say that about you mate)

I have heard of people using a fridge crisper to help breed them


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This is what I have always thought.

Axolotyls and salamanders are not lizards, they are amphibians.

They stay in their larval form throughout their lives, due to evolution (in this case backwards) and not due to breeding in captivity. There are other amphibians that do this aswell.

Yes, they do turn into salamanders by themselves very rarely.

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What ozarowana said - axoltls change into lizards only on the basis of a hormone in the wate - that is not there - hence alomost never happens....

They should be kept by themsleves - as everything els is either food or eats there gills - those feathery things are external gills.

They breed by laying eggs that look kinda like tadpole eggs - laid everywhere - crazy breeder. HArder to raise the fry but.

Hope this helps

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Axolotls are in the same family as Salamanders

Salamanders and Axolotls are Amphibians, not lizards (which belong to the reptile family)

The Axolotl is unusual in nature because it retains its larval form into adulthood, its called neoteny. They are not the only amphibians that stay in the larval form throught their life. Neoteny has nothing to do with captivity or inbreeding. Axolotl neoteny is totally genetic.

Axolotls can change naturally, but that is extremely rare. They can be forced to undergo metamorphosis, but doing so shortens their lifespan.

They are completely aquatic.

They can regrow lost limbs

They are endangered in their native habitat (Mexico). They also used to be cooked and eaten (ewwwwww)

They are canivores

Do not house them with fish, they either eat or get eaten.

Young axolotls are cannibalistic, as they age they become more tolerant of their own kind.

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