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Australian Black Worms - Now Available

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.We are really happy to support another Australian Business in the Aquarium Industry and be able to offer their products.

We are stocking their 25g, 50g 100g and 200g Freeze Dried Black Worms in both the Loose as well as the Cubes.

Its a great food for just about any species - so long as they are a bit of of a carni.

Don't forget your member discount comes off the prices. Here is the link to prices and availability.

Australian Black Worms

$14.95 - 25g

$23.99 - 50g

$33.61 - 100g

$67.20 - 200g



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Sweet, do you carry there whole range/mix?

Not at this stage just the 4 sizes in loose and cube - just want to start with a couple and get an idea on what we should have hopefully extend it into a lot more. If you have any thoughts - I am all ears and would like to hear if there are other ones you think we should have.

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Cubes with spinach good all round food for American Cichlids and Bio-pigment plus cubes fantastic at bringing out the red and yellow in fish especially Firemouth Cichlids.

Now hurry up and get them in I'm almost out. Lol

What size do you normally get? Knowing my luck I would order in a bunch but not the size you normally get?

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