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Greetings from South Australia

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.Hello all from South Australia's beautiful Barossa Valley.

I am new to fish keeping and also new to this forum site.

I found this site by accident when doing an internet search for an aquarium problem that I was having.

At first I thought it was an information page from the University of Queensland Aquatic Centre.

Anyway hopefully rather than constantly pestering John at The Tech Den with many, many questions on how to deal with aquarium and fish problems, I will learn to use this site and tap into all of your experience and know how.

I never intended to take up fish keeping, but one of my sons caught a wild Bearded Dragon lizard that had come up to our backdoor. On the spur of the moment he went out to a pet shop and bought a two foot (65 litre) glass tank to put "his" lizard in. After some time I explained to him that keeping a fully grown wild lizard in a terrarium was wrong, even cruel.

After he reluctantly released his pet back into the wild I had an empty glass tank to do something with...

And thus the adventure began: first with Goldfish; then with tropicals. And now I have two tanks!


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