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Royal whiptail aquarium with a coner filter HD

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.Here is a quick video of our lowest maintenance aquarium ever.

Both species of whiptails are breeding regularly although only the Royal whiptail youngsters survive the Cardinal tetras.

All it takes to look after it is feeding the fish and the plants and a once a month water change.

Thanks for watching

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would love to see photo test results of the nitrate level in that tank.

looks sweet though.

I love it, and totally agree. Trust nothing on the internet without substantiation. To peak my own interest I have just done a quick test. Taking into account that I have been feeding the whiptails up to breed efficiency these past 2 weeks.

Last time a change was done was in the beginning of November.

Now i know you cant believe me on this. I doubt the photos would be believed, to easy to fake. Ill do my best to do a session behind the camera today. Ill film the entire sequence of events of the test and upload them.

I think its pretty hard to create a sharknado and would be impossible for a newb like me to fake a video sequence.

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