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Cycling a new tank for discus?

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Hey there

i am starting a new discus tank and need some help deciding which way would be best to cycle it

i am planning on getting the discus after xmas so in a week and a half

i have looked at-

fishless cycling with ammonia but it would take too long

swapping the sponge on my other tank with the new filter but don't want to risk it as I had a few fish pass away a few weeks ago due to gas pockets as I have a planted tank it's harder to keep it 100% clean all the time and I don't want to risk making the new discus sick

i was told I can put juveniles straight in and do 50% water changes everyday but I don't want to risk that either

(not having the right water for them)

i am am wondering if there is a product in Australia that you can put into your tank to create that good bacteria?

i know they exist overseas??

or any other suggestions?

I Am traveling up north for xmas and want to get some quality fish on the way back hence why I want to do it quicker..

the new tank is 65 gallons or 250 LITREs and is a used tank but has been dry for about a year

it won't be a planted tank

substrate will be white sand (thin layer) and driftwood possibly eventually with some plants attached

thanks in advance!!

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Several years back I needed to setup a display tank in an office pretty quickly. So I popped down to the nearest LFS. They sold me seeded media from their system for the same cost of new, off the shelf media. They then replenished their system with the new media.

I then added a hefty dose of a broad spectrum treatment (similar to Promethyasul) for the full course before and after fish were introduced to reduce the risk of disease from the seeded media. All worked out well.

So If you can get a hold of seeded media from a nearby LFS or even another hobbyist you will reduce your cycling time dramatically.

I have never owned Discus so therefore can not guarantee this will work for them but I have used Seachem Stability for other not so delicate American species on several occasions with success on new or near new setups.

Hope that helps.

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