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Looking for some advice

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I'm planing on getting 5-6 discus for my planted tank but I've never had discus and after research I have a few questions. I have had the tank for over 1 year.


8 rummynose tetras

10 lemon tetras

6 bristlenose catfish (trying to sell 3)

1 Amber tetra

1 diano

1 bronze corydoras

3 hatchetfish

3 clown loaches

1 royal whiptail catfish

2 german blue rams

My tank

AquaOne aquastyle 980t

Dimensions: 98cm x 47cm x 70cm (LxWxH) (8mm glass)

Capacity: 240 Litres

Filter Type: Biological Wet and Dry Filter Filter

Flow Rate: 1000L/hr

It has a Diy yeast and sugar co2 reactor

I do weekly 50% water changes with tank water and plan to keep it that way.

Water test results

Before water change:

Ammonia: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 20ppm

After water change:

Ammonia: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 10ppm


I'm planning on getting an external canister filter and putting some matrix in it to help with nitrates, is this necessary?

I want 5-6 assorted discus, will this be fine with the fish I already have?

I read it would be useful to have a quarantine tank incase the discus get sick, and to have them in for the first few weeks, is that necessary? I picked up a free tank on the side of the road, it's 150l approx and I think I'll set it up barebottom with a few air powered sponge filters and a heater.

Thanks heaps,


A pic of the tank:


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Hi Aquatopiast,

I took the plunge and purchased my discus about 12 months ago. I have about 9 discus in a 1800x600x600 heavily planted tank they are now between 90mm and 130mm in diameter. They were 50mm 12 months ago gee they grow quickly. There are only a few tetras in there as well and i find it difficult to control the algae with the full on CO2 system running at times. Be careful not to over feed I had a problem with nitrate levels so i installed an internal filter with Nitra-guard in it and the levels dropped to Zero after about 3 weeks and has stayed there ever since.

Buying them in numbers and introducing the all together definitely has advantages. As the don't seem to pick on each other as much. I think i have more of an over feeding issue.

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Hi Squidman,

Thanks for the advice! It seems that I'm being to scared and just take the plunge, so I'll go ahead and buy 6. If any levels rise I will get another filter and if they get sick I will setup the quarintine tank. As for algae when I get an outbreak I just start dosing excel and it's gone in a few weeks. I'll be feeding them flakes, cichlid bio gold and I might get a discus frozen food mix.


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