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need advice for a friend

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Um I think -Yes they do like plants and driftwood. Fairly sure they DON'T like high Ph. & normal temp 27.

They also don't like hi-flow or strong water movement. They can be a bit touchy and tricky

although saying that I didn't find them a hard fish to keep, that's all I can remember as it's

been 15years since I've had them. I do miss them they are great fish.. Mate do a search up

top of this page on discus, I'm sure u will find loads of info there... And tell ya mate to get

on QLDAF and have a look about. Oh and 2 buy from the sites sponcers... Cheers

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I usually go with 28 to 30 degC as they seem more active and feed better. Need good oxygenation at high temps if heavily stocked!

Focus more on cool twisted root style driftwood than plants if you want a biotype.... altho high tech planted is excuse to use co2 to keep pH around 6.5 otherwise i usually go for 7.2 as easier to keep stable.

Bloodworms, beefheart and live blackworm are all popular foods as discus will usually accept greedily. But pellets are often better nutritionally and an auto feeder with a blend of sera discus, tetra colour bits and the new ocean free discus pellets would be wicked IMHO. Get a lot of good feedback at AOA with people getting discus off frozen food using ocean nutrition discus flakes.

Worth looking into RO or rainwater for water changes as makes it all a heap easier. As does getting fish from local breeders if you are going to play with tapwater.

Dont overstock if you are not gonna keep up the water changes! And dont blame everything on worms.... take time picking stock. Its discus you CAN be fussy!

Choose chilled tankmates like rummynose or corys. Avoid too many algae eaters or food stealers!

Discus are great fish. But they need to be treated with respect. Get your bio filtration in order and consider quarantine for new fish. Saves a lot of potential drama.

If you cant give them the best..... get gourami or severums lol. They are much less fussy.

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