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New to Cichlids

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Well hello eveyone, i started out breeding fighters, took up too much space, so ive moved to cichlids. I jumped in with both feet and aquired myself 40 tanks lol. At the moment i have a 6x2x2 with 6 Frontosas. A 3ft with small 6xFestaes, a 4 ft with 6 flamebacks 1 male so far, 2ft square with 6 dolphins and same size with 4 x red jewels.

I have a bank of 9x 2ft square tanks im working on at the moment. All the tanks are on a air pump. Im going to insulate and make under the house the fish room. I have been bitten buy the cichlid bug.

I live in Maryborough and have come across a couple of guys who are keen. Just thought i would put it out there just in case anyone knew other ppl up this way interested.

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