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Wild Aulonocara

Oto hirame super food ???

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This is all I could find on the stuff.


Premium Japanese manufactured larval fish diet.

Currently recognised as one of the worlds best larval fin fish diets.

Commercially used to culture many species in Australia and overseas such as Barramundi, Yellowtail Kingfish, Tuna, Red Sea Bream, Flatfish, Sturgeon and many Australian native freshwater and marine species including ornamental species.

Balanced diet ideally suited for virtually all fin fish species.

You will be amazed with the cleanliness of your larval system using this feed.

Small packet sizes to keep freshness.

Multiple sizes from 250 micron to 2.3mm to suit your larval fish requirements.

Highest quality ingredients, using advanced manufacturing technology.

Colour enhancement.

C2 Gran.


Contains easily digested protein, rich in DHA and phospholipids to promote the

vitality of fish larvae.

Contains plenty of quality krill meal for better colour enhancement of fish larvae.

Promised rapid and healthy growth of larvae due to the well- balanced protein,

fat, vitamin, and mineral content.

Designed to keep good shape in water for long time therefore the polluting effect on water is very little.

Sounds like most of the fish food we already have here only more expensive.

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