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L333 first fry batch advice needed

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Hi guys I noticed some l333 fry tonight in my 4x2x2 tank I have 4 females and 2 males housed there.

I am continuing to feed 2 algae wafers once a day and will now leave zucchini in the tank and change it out every other day.

Should I be concerned about fry going into the canister inlet?

I have a spare sponge but I have only noticed 2 fry so far on the glass.

No doubt more are in the tank plan at this stage is to just leave them alone until they are big enough to sell.

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Seem to be going ok on the hikarki algae wafers I have two more batches of eggs cooking now. Will empty the canister filter today raise the intake tube and put a coarse sponge over the strainer. Fry that are out and about though seem like good swimmers

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They like current and flow and your canister will provide that so if they fit that is where they will go.

I use to feed my fry a combination of Hikari Carnivore Tabs, Vioformo, frozen Mysis Shrimp.



Thanks I am running 2 sponges and a air stone in the tank and a 1200lph canister just emptied the canister and notices a live shrimp so they could fit inside if they wanted.

Have added this sponge fix which i use on my shrimp tanks successfully. Only problem is the sponge needs to be cleaned weekly to ensure it doesnt get too clogged.

L333 Dirty water fish not as bad as peppermints thou lol.

Will see how it goes doing a small water change now as a result of the CF clean.

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