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New betta in established tropical tank

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Hi all,

I was browsing my local aquarium store a few days ago and spotted an absolutely gorgeous blue butterfly halfmoon plakat MALE betta. I have a 4ft 180L tropical tank at home containing 4 angels (1 is in a hospital tank recovering from popeye), 3 plecos (each 10cm), about 25 tetras (colombians, black widow, white skirt, penguin, + 6 large rummynose the size of a female betta), and 5 female bettas. I was wondering, in such a big tank with lots and lots of hollow pots and rocks for shelter and tonnes of silk plants, would it be alright to put the plakat male betta in this tank?

I already have 3 other male bettas (1 pink butterfly HM, 1 super delta dragon, 1 red butterfly rosetail) all in tanks of their own, so if he has to go in on his own it's not a problem. But I would love to see if he could coexist with this lot first. Please keep in mind that I did NOT buy the plakat male when I saw him and he may have already been sold by now but I would love to know what you all think.

Thanks in advance!

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