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New to CO2. Any help please?

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Hi there,

thinking about a CO2 start up kit. have a 90 litre tank.

Have seen ones by aqua one and Ista each having approx 90grams.

will these allow for larger canisters at all, would prefer a 500 to 1 litre if at all possible.

i assume this is how they make their money though through replacements.

how long would a 90g canister last for?

really don't want to spend $100 to $150 in total...

Thanks for your help!!!!

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It will depend on how heavily you have your tank planted on how long they last - I went the 1 liter on mine at home and it is a similar size and appreciate the larger size with the solenoid - put it on a timer and set and forget and have nice healthy plants. Get one with out a solenoid and you set it and forget it - you have floating gassed fish.

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